Gambling Stories – Success and Gambling’s Good Fortune

Many people have been impressed by the numerous extraordinary gambling stories throughout the years. They include glorious heroes, who you feel closer than ever when you’re placing bets. Great things happen in such stories which can happen with low to medium-rolling casino players as well. They see many gambling success stories as their own. When they look at the whales betting and winning significant amounts of money, they have that dreamy look on their faces. Read these great gambling stories and see who had experienced the extensive borders of gambling’s goodwill.

We offer true gambling stories from the near past, combined with some shocking moves that players did in casinos. The stories are divided by gaming category, so true fans of specific gameplay can focus properly. Gambling has a good side as well, which very few have seen. Read their stories and keep the dream alive.

Gambling Success Stories – True Gambling Tails For Each Category
Many will agree that the percent of winnings against casinos is really low. However, there is still a realistic chance with 49,846,031-to-1 odds. Since the 80s, many true gambling stories hold proof of lucky winners, a.k.a. the heroes from the tails, who had beaten the casino. They remain epic in time because they tell us about stuff that even heroes can do once or twice in a century.

Great Gambling Stories – Roulette Heroes
Roulette can be related to the incredible and true realm of casino gaming stories. It is the it is one of the oldest casino games and it has seen plenty of interesting gaming strategies. The game has the most data written about it worldwide, describing every bit of its long tradition in the business. We managed to divide the events and their time periods so that you can get a better perception of the scale and the amounts of money won back then. The following true gambling stories are based on Joseph Jaggers – the father of biased-wheel play. Many say that he invented it and proved it was working in 1873 when he won $325,000 in Monte Carlo.

The men we have presented used skills and have fought heroically to earn Lady Luck’s approval. How about some wild and weird streaks? An old-fashioned, once-in-a-lifetime mad luck has caused them. One of these great gambling stories happened at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The eye witness and gaming instructor Barney Vinson claim to have seen a remarkable event in 2000, which has been recorded only once before that.

He says that the number seven came up six times in a row at roulette table 211. The odds were about three billion to one. After the fourth time the lucky seven landed, the floor supervisor bet the pit boss a million dollars that there will be no more sevens. There were three more, and guess how much the roulette table had lost – about $300!